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Islamic traditions and teachings are firmly established in the UAE, with many organizations in Dubai devoted to Islamic affairs. The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) provides a great deal of information as well as traditional and online services in this field. Citizens who wish to establish religious and charitable societies can learn about the rules of licences of such societies.

Religious services

Whether you want to view today’s prayer times or public holidays, look for a mosque, ask a fatwa question, request a family consultation, know the direction of Mecca (qibla), read or print Friday sermon or have a look at pilgrim’s guide – these and more services can be found on IACAD’s website.

Calculate and pay your Zakat

The website of Zakat Fund features an electronic calculator that allow those keen on paying their Zakat to calculate how much they should exactly pay without the need to know Zakat rules or even ask Zakat specialists. The website is integrated with Dubai eGovernment’s ePay portal, so you can pay your exact Zakat Online. You can also calculate and pay your Zakat through your mobile phone by clicking Mobily Zakat service.

Donating to charities

Funds may be raised in Dubai only after obtaining the approval of the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department. Those interested in raising funds have to visit the Department’s headquarters or access its website to obtain the necessary licences. After obtaining the Department’s approval, a fund raiser may take this initiative only in co-operation with a Dubai-based charity association.
In all cases, funds may be transferred outside the UAE only through charity associations.

To get a licensing form, please click here .
You can donate to many charities involved in providing aid to the needy people inside and outside the UAE. A list of charities recognized by Dubai Government is given here.

National Mufti Programme

The National Mufti Programme is aimed at training and preparing the national youth to fill the job of Mufti in the IACAD so as to serve their religion at the local and regional levels in line with the IACAD’s strategic drive to train efficient human resources.

New Muslims

You may need to look at information and services of concern for new Muslims. A list of names and addresses of Dubai-based holy Quran memorization centres and another list for Islamic centres are provided on the IACAD’s website. New Muslims can apply for Islam declaration and see the related procedures through Dubai Courts’ website. They can also get a Proof of Islam from the same website.

Listening to Holy Quran

Click here to listen to the Holy Quran in the voice of the most reputed Quran reciters in the Arab world.