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Chief Patron Message

Peace and Mercy be upon you.

It gives me immense pleasure in this beautiful evening to welcome you to this function which is being conducted in connection with the inauguration of Al Manar Quran Study Centre. The Centre came in to reality, with the boundless bounties and grace of the Almighty, this year. The centre’s activities that include memorization of Holy Quran and imparting the teachings of tolerant culture of Islam for expatriate children with an aspiration of making a new generation of Muslims who are well versed and well aware of the teachings of their religion were already begun.

The centre, Insha Allah, is to give all its stress on teaching recitation and memorization of the Holy Quran along with its meaning, explanation and rules of recitation.

It is an honour for the Centre to take up the huge responsibility of imparting perpetual teachings of the Word of God which He revealed upon the noblest of all men (Peace Be upon Him) as an evidence and miracle for the mankind till the Day of Judgement. The messenger said, “The most righteous one among you is he who learns Quran and teaches Quran”…the Messenger put all the righteousness in teaching the Quran…the Messenger, on another occasion, said, ‘the people of Quran is the people of Allah and the people of elite class close to Him. It is enough for the bearers of Quran of being the people of Allah and his special class close to Him.

We established this centre for the benefit of Arab and non-Arab Muslim children by way of continual Quran learning process including devoted efforts to the memorization of Quran and researches so that the Almighty, by his permission, bless us to enjoy a generation of memorizers of the Holy Book passing out of this Centre,,,I am very happy with the different methods adopted by the Centre for its activities of imparting Quran related knowledge for the national as well as expatriate adults and children including those who attend regular schools and wish to get in touch with the pure spring of the Holy Book…

The programmes planned by the Centre also include public lectures on various topics meant for expatriate community and other cultural and educational events related to the religion of Islam. It’s, of course, a good start for the Centre that it could already attract a good number of entrants of adults and children. This acceptance that the centre acquired from the very beginning clearly indicates that the number of students will be doubled in the nearest future.

We, with the help of Allah and by hoping in His reward, will do our level best for the expansion of the Centre whenever it is necessary, in order to accommodate all those who wish to register their name for memorizing Quran and learning the fundamentals of their religion to become good and pious citizens.

Once again we express our deeply felt gratitude to you for your presence in this inaugural function of the centre. And also we extend our hearty appreciations to all those who worked hard to make this mission a big success.